Long time ago, There was a child. A child who lost his father after he was born. Tiny footsteps, little by little, This little child grew up slow and slack. He lived with his mother, Who gave him all the live in the world. But there was one day, The day where lots of things […]

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Dread Out

Dread Out – The Experiment should be a short horror fiction. It features a theme of story during a breakout of test subjects, and when everybody was trapped in the facility, will people stand and fight as one, or will they kill each other to survive? The loud, persistent siren woke Ethan up from his […]

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A Brother

“I may fight with my brother, but when you lay a finger on him, then you will be facing ME.” Having a brother could be the greatest gift. First, let me introduce my family. I have an older brother, 11 years older than me, and an older sister, 6 years older, and I am the […]

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This is how I wrote a story. I sat down on a chair calmly, I held my pen and flip through the pages of my book to find a clean and new page. Then, I took a deep breath, and closed my eyes slowly. Imagination was taking its effect, like a slow drug, I can feel […]

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PERFECTION – Chapter 1

*Read the Prologue first* Chapter 1 6 weeks before Operation Downfall. “Jen!” . A sound so loud that it conquered the situation with dominance. “Jen! Wait up!” Deric was scurrying through the bushes with all might. Vines and wild germinations made them slow. They were on their way to the circus, and they were having […]

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Spine Splitter

He tramples on graves, and refract all the little sorrows. He found people with slaves, and he makes them never grow. He is a good saviour. He is a bad demon. He is a blissful delight. He is a sorrow mourn. He collects affinity in the world of entity. The is number is infinity and […]

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Night, fallen upon the city of King’s Landing. Blizzard and breeze were blinding the people. Snow has been the night’s company. Icy cold wind crawled up my spine like venom while I stood there by the balcony, looking at the evil queen’s big day. Her sins were what the people were not blinded from. The […]

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